September 21, 2010

Slightly Awkward... of the things I love about where I live is that I can walk to work. I backpack my cute work-outfit in, along with all the girly stuff (makeup, hair goo...even my hair dryer at times), and get ready on campus before the kids show up.

The thing is, sometimes kids are there early. That's usually not an issue; I'm not that vain. The other morning, though, it provided a bit of an awkward moment...

I'm a fan of Christian Kane's music. It's rockin' country, and he has some lyrics that are...well, they wouldn't be appropriate for my conservative religious school community at large. I have no problem listening to the songs (love them, actually), but letting my darling students in on the intricacies of his lyrics isn't something I'm keen to do.

This particular moment in time, our football coach brought some football guys out to a spot in the quad; a spot I'd have to walk right past. Right as I crossed their path, they all bowed their heads to start prayer. Mr. Kane, to whom I was listening on my ipod as I walked across campus, just at that moment dropped the f-bomb.

It struck me as rather funny. Hilarious, actually. I started giggling. Laughing, to tell the truth. Okay...I snorted.

Explaining to our football coach (and Bible teacher) and a bunch of football players about the irony of the situation...and why I was listening to a song that contained profanity...was just too much to do at the moment.

So I just walked away. As they stared.



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