July 19, 2012

My Summer

When I first started thinking of my summer vacation, waaaay back in April (okay, February), I dreamed of lazy, hazy days when I slept in until noon, wandered down to the coffee shop, and spent the day talking and laughing with loved ones.

I had those days. Just...not as often as I had hoped.

Other things happened - things that took priority over lazy days with friends.

Major things. Things that bring emotions of stress and worry into my summer.

* Things like my amazing momma needing major surgery to repair a carotid artery (ack! She's fine now...she scared me, but she really is going to be better-than-good at this point.).

 *Things like one of my first students committing suicide in the face of his out-of-control PTSD after two tours in Iraq, and traveling to be at his memorial to give support to his surviving family.

* Days spent praying for my childhood mentor's health...as it's pretty certain she won't make it until the fall.

Don't get me wrong...I also had amazing days - days I want to do over because they were so fantastic.

* The day I took my momma (fully recovered - remember that) to Les Miserables for her first time. AND, my favorite Kiwi family was with us. Seeing my favorite play with my favorite people made that day perfect.

* Traveling to Portland with loved ones for a long-weekend. Spending those days reconnecting on a soul-level - sometimes without even words - filled my soul.

* Unexpected teenager-like slumber party of some girlfriends at my house - late night laughter, glasses of wine, hilariously cheesy movies...loved it.

This summer has just reminded me of what life really is - it's gut-wrenching ugliness mixed completely with incredible joy - and every thing in between. It's about walking in love with the people in your life through whatever valley or mountaintop you may be on...but it's about putting one foot in front of the other.

And doing so with hope.

(Wine and chocolate...and, let's be honest - some really good nachos - help, too...)