November 26, 2010

My Life in Pictures - Be Afeared.

I was going through the pictures on my phone today, and I realized that...well...if someone were to base their judgment of my personality on those photos...I would be locked up for good.

I can explain:

I'm not picking my nose. I took this picture to send to a friend, back east, who didn't know that I had pierced my nose. REALLY.

Don't judge:

I live in a weird town. This is Halloween. They had a "Pet Parade" in our minuscule downtown area...why my neighbor has a pet goat, I do not know, but I had to take a picture of it. Let's not even begin to discuss the costumes, okay?

Also, I HAD to take a picture of...uh...THIS. (To be honest, I'm not quite sure which is more magnificent: the fairy on the horse, the zebra horse in the background, or all the goats that ended up in the parade.)

I have to document these things...REALLY:

My bestie is well...I laugh a LOT when I am with her, and there are times where that old adage, "A picture's worth a thousand words," really truly comes into play.

(We had just gone grocery shopping. I think she thought someone would reach in through the window and steal her food. Either that, or she was worried about losing her chicken strips in a car accident.)

We decided to carve Jack o' Lanterns. It's a miracle we didn't cut our hands off:

(This is part way though...)

(There might have been a Jack o' Lantern-tastrophe.)

(That required dry-wall nails to fix...)

(As well as 2-days' worth of calories in Candy Corn...)

She wins the MacGyver Award!!! (Mine are the polka-dotted ones. I think they're cute)

Then, as I continue scrolling, I find this:

I really need to apologize, again, to my neighbor, K. THIS was outside her door one night, and instead of killing it, I slunk along the opposite wall, praying it wouldn't see me and think of me as a tasty snack. See its eyes? Yep, they're sooo big that they reflected the light.
(I really, really, really don't like spiders. REALLY don't like them. I have the heebie-jeebies right now just thinking about this "encounter.")
Also, K, THANKS. You rock. Not only have you forgiven me for freaking out and not saving you from impending doom of the spider; but the next morning, you killed this thing. You are my hero.

Soooo, about that bestie...

I've learned that it's probably best NOT to leave her unchaperoned in the car. Even for the five minutes it takes to fill up the car with gasoline...

(I named him "Guido.")

Oh Dear. Oh My. I'm Sorry...

I really should've deleted this picture, but it still makes me laugh. Inappropriately, wickedly, unapologetically, in a completely juvenile way. This was purely an accident, but then, of course, I had to document it...

If you're going to send me to the Loony Bin, please remember that I'd love a bed with a window nearby and to make sure to bring the jacket that allows me to hug myself. I like hugs.

November 23, 2010

For Now...I'm Thankful for Hair...

I have a lot to be thankful for this year; my family is healthy, I'm surrounded by loved ones, and I have a job that I adore. Tonight, though, I'm with a gaggle of amazing, hilarious, strong, beautiful women, getting our hair done, eating lots of great food, drinking wine, and sharing life.

These nights are a balm for my soul; I love these women, and looking extra beautiful at the end of the night is just a bonus.

I'm grateful for hair. And hair parties. And my amazing Hair Whisperer of a hair stylist. If you want her number, let me know...