August 13, 2010

One Last Hurrah...

I woke up in one of my favorite places this morning. Right now, I'm camped out back, and all I can hear are the sprinklers and the birds chirping. Here's my view:

Yesterday morning, at exactly this time, my view was this:

I was heading up to my dear friend's parents' house for one last "hurrah" before summer came to a close. It was early, and since she was driving, what else am I going to do? (Please note that I'm not wearing aversion to them is still quite strong, as mentioned in an earlier post.)

Here's my driver:

Here's me:

(the sunglasses are rather large for a reason; they're hiding the results of not being able to sleep the night before and getting up early to be on the road...)

We were giddy with excitement, and maybe a lot of coffee. See, not only were we coming up here for rest, relaxation, laughter with loved ones, and peace and quiet...but the County Fair was going on. The Fair means Fair Food (heretofore to be known as "FF")!!! While I am a Glutard, there are times in this life that you realize life is short, it is meant to be lived...and the fullest. That means that I might...MIGHT...have had a deep-fried corn dog, "tempura" (not really) mushrooms and zucchini, an Orange Julius (though, they call them "Juliettes" here), and maybe my own holy-cow-is-it-allowed-to-be-this-good cinnamon roll last night (and, a chaser of Alka Seltzer). We joked, on our way home, that my taste buds and my GI track were having very strong words with one be honest, I'm not quite sure who won. One thing is for sure, FF is mighty tasty vittles...

Today, we have no plans, other than to soak up as much love and laughter that this house has to offer. To BE with each other, sharing this life that we have been given, to love deeply, to laugh fully, to store up in our souls these memories for when we're far away.

(and, to maybe find a way to doggie-nap Doodlebug here...she is SO going to live with me...)


April said...

Seriously so glad you were able to go! Miss that town... Especially the local currency debate. ;)

But, let's be honest here... if you go down, it better be in flaming deep-fried oil, right? Gluten-shmuten.

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