December 3, 2011

A Little Less Time in Purgatory

Last night, I headed over to my friends' house for our monthly dinner/gathering/late-night-drinking-good-wine-and-laughing fest. K & M have hosted this every month for a few years now, and I do everything I can to be in attendance (pretty much short of dying, I'm there...possibly even then).

When I parked my car, I noticed a cell-phone lying on the ground. They live near a jogging path, so I figured a runner dropped it, unknowingly. I picked it up, thinking that all of us at the gathering (many of whom are waaaay more techie than me) would be able to contact the owner.

Before we could even get to digging through the address book, it rang, and Michi answered it. Sure enough, it was the owner; and she guided him to her house for a pick up.

Here's the kicker...while it wasn't THAT great of a phone, it was still a pretty nice phone. Turns out, a kid had STOLEN it. Even though it was lifted by someone with questionable morals, it found its way into the hands of people who want to do the right thing.

The man got his phone back, but more than that...I hope he was able to rekindle a bit of his hope in humanity.


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