July 23, 2011

Summer Fun

A few weeks ago, I received an invitation in the mail to a summer bbq for my church's worship team. It's an annual thing, and every year we have a different theme. This year's theme is "Fiesta," so the postcard included a paper-doll cutout of our worship pastor, including a sarape, a sombrero, and an itty-bitty mustache.

J and I were bored. It happens towards the end of summer vacation (J's a teacher, too) - we've done all the usual "fun" things, and suddenly we need to tap into our creativity to find something fun to do. That's when we remembered the postcard.

Our worship leader's name is Mark. In the hours following our amazingly brilliant idea, he became "Marco Libre," and we...well...Marco had quite an adventurous afternoon. We documented it. Here you are:

Let's play "Where's Mark?" Ready? Go!

Marco Libre was our Navigator (or, as J called him, our "NaviGATO.")

Marco "chopstuck" up a tree. He loves their spring rolls:


Tall, skinny latte:

"X" Marks the spot!


"I'm on a horse":

A Tiny Marco! (Get it? Hahah!)

CD. E. D. B. D. Marco!

Giant Dipper...little dip...er:

Sand in los pantalones, no bueno. Amigo con cannon, muy bien.

We still have ideas...more fun in the works.


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