October 5, 2010

The Sweetest Time...

I love lunch. Not just because it's a break in the day, and I can have a few moments where I'm not screaming over a whole bunch of wild banshees, but because of the relationships that can develop.

For some reason, my room has become the haven for my boys. Not the rambunctious, crazy, hilariously over-hyped boys; those I send outside (although, I do love them with the depth and breadth of who I am...). But, the quiet ones, the ones who are a bit...odd, and who need a place to belong. I get those kids.

Today, I ate lunch on my couch, feet tucked up under me, as the guys ate their lunches and read comic books. MY comic books. The good ones: Calvin and Hobbes, The Far Side, Garfield...those kinds.

Every few seconds, one of the boys would burst out laughing; and then he'd have to turn to me. "Ms. Doe! Check this out!!!"

Call me crazy, but I love those moments. Where I don't need to talk, don't need to teach; all I have to do is eat my sandwich and laugh with a kid and give him a place to belong.

It makes my heart happy.


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