February 10, 2014

Long Time, No Posting...

2013 was hard. HARD.

And, I realized that certain things needed to be put on hiatus in order for me to be able to keep all the rest of my life spinning. It also meant that some of the things that fill my soul also needed to be put on hiatus.

Many nights, I would walk through my door, and then crumple into an exhausted heap on my bed...the floor...the couch...and the idea of making dinner, or seeing a friend, or GRADING was just impossible. Things like blogging were absolutely out-of-the-question; if I can't do the mandatory things (laundry? Grades?), how on earth am I going to do these fun-yet-crazy side projects.

Thing was, I wanted to. And, I had ideas for posts; I would draft them in my head when I walked to work in the mornings. They just never got written down because as soon as my foot hit school property, my day took off in a whirlwind, and those thoughts were lost in the shuffle of life and school and kids.

Has my life settled down a bit? Not really. Maybe a bit.

Have I finally figured out how to balance it all? HAHAHAHHAHA, no way.

Do I need to write for my sanity? YES.

Am I going to be consistent in this? My hopeful answer is, "Darn tootin'!" but I think the truthful answer is, "We'll see."

My goal for this year has been to live IN THE MOMENT. To not rush forward to the next thing; to enjoy exactly where I am. And, to not worry about some of the things I "have" to do, and to do some of the things I "need" to do - for me to be me.


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