October 2, 2012

Radio Silent

I've been silent for a long time; I know that. I was so busy being, teaching, hanging out with loved ones, laughing, SLEEPING...that I didn't have time to blog.

Oh, I had blog ideas. Lots of them. They swam around in my head, circling like the bright colors on a Calliope. Thing was, I just didn't have time to put them on paper, so to speak.

So, my brilliant, hilarious, witty, life-changing (hah!) blog posts stayed locked up in my brain all summer long. I apologize about that, but...selfishly, I was having too good a time with my adventures to stop.

I think that's what life is supposed to be.

Now that I have settled into a (albeit, erratic) rhythm back in the teaching world, I hope to jump back into blogging. Telling stories.

Reminding myself...maybe others...that life is worth living. Fully. Completely.


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